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1:1 Custom Coaching

Gentle and free-flowing spiritual coaching, customized to your exact needs and goals. Choose from 4 to 12-week packages.


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Spiritual Fitness

A 12-week course thoughtfully designed and carefully mapped out system to help you sustain spiritual and mental freedom.


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Meditation Sessions

No matter the skill level, guided meditation sessions are helpful to hone your practice, learn new techniques and deepen insights.


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Hi there, I´m K.R. Bala, meditation teacher, writer & design based in Canada.

And I want to help you live more authentically and deeply, free from mental trappings and programming which is why I designed Spiritual Fitness. It is a structured and layered approach to sustaining a loving and lasting relationship with your soul by integrating your personality into the process. And if you feel you’re not ready for the course just yet, the custom coaching sessions are more free-flowing and catered exactly to your needs.

Together, let’s begin your journey towards peaceful presence, deeper awareness and unconditional self-love today!

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Client Success Stories

Inviting in Presence

I would highly recommend this program for people that have previous experience with talk therapy and meditation activities, and those who are new to the idea and trying it for the first time.

The atmosphere created was comforting, welcoming, and open. It allowed me to explore parts of myself that I rarely tap into. The exercises were enjoyable but more importantly, I was able to be more fully engaged in the experience. 10/10

Shelby C.

Peeling Back Old Layers

Karthika is one in a million when it comes to her coaching and guidance. She is full of innate wisdom and understanding that allows me to feel fully seen and heard on a deep spiritual level. Her emotional intelligence encourages me to express my internal world knowing she will be able to reflect it back to me with her unmatched intuitive insight. She is a master at integrating our physical reality with the spiritual body with her deep introspection and knowledge of the material. Working with Karthika has allowed me to understand myself on a more profound level and open up to working with my own gifts in this life. Every session with Karthika is like peeling back an old layer of myself to see a new beauty waiting ahead. Her work is a true blessing and gift to this world and the people she serves.

Brittani B.

Finding My Inner Beach

My session with Karthika was calm and gentle but directional and with purpose. She allowed me to speak through my issues while gently guiding and identifying significant choices of words, patterns, and repetitions that helped to isolate trigger points that I wasn’t aware of.

It was my first therapy/coaching session and after being through what has been a traumatic few years, it has helped in such a tremendous way. I am thankful to Karthika for being a gentle guide through the pain and helping me find my power and choice. Aswell, as finding my inner beach 🙂

Leah T.

Full-Body Immersion

My session with Karthika can be best described as a full-body immersion. Bathing in grace, light and love. Her ability to hold such deep presence and reverence is to be seen, heard, witnessed; to feel the glory of my own soul radiance, to discover, to heal, to shine, to open to the possibilities and burst forth like a blossoming flower. Thank you Karthika; I have such deep gratitude for your beautiful essence, your embodiment of service, and the difference you make in this world. 

Infinite blessings to you! 

Debbie M.

A New Model for Self-Care

I signed up for this session with unknown expectations. After completing it I felt more reassured about the direction that I was heading in and gained a toolbox of strategies to support me in reaching my goals. These sessions are an excellent resource for anyone looking to re-center one’s mindset and to explore your own untapped skills within.

Ryan G.

True Inner Power

If you are in need of a coach who guides you to your own inner strength, you are in the right place! Karthika never fails to hold space for me to come back to my soul, my true inner power. She guides you through a journey with imagery and breath that is truly amazing. This has helped me many times get out of my own way by seeing things from a different perspective. 

Her presence is always calm and inviting, ensuring you always feel safe to explore and be vulnerable. I have cried in almost every session and she held the space so beautifully, allowing me to feel everything with no judgment and guiding me through the experience. You are in loving and open arms with Karthika, you will truly have a transformative experience!

Natalia H.

Loving Your Whole Self

Karthika’s warm and gentle presence, her wisdom, and her skill at asking the right questions are a few of the many qualities that make her a wonderful life coach. She is incredibly attuned to a person’s feelings and can assess a situation and provide thoughtful and practical guidance. I gained clarity and insight as she helped me navigate a challenging period in my life. I also benefited from her incorporation of mindfulness into her practice. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is seeking to make a positive change in their life.

Nivedita S.

I Feel Empowered

Working with Karthika has been life-changing. It is so easy to connect with her. I always feel like I am in a safe space to share my story and challenges, which makes the process easier. I have been able to tap into many subconscious blocks that were limiting my potential and my goals. For the first time in many years, I can say that I live a fulfilled life and feel empowered to make clear choices toward my goals. Throughout the process, I have always felt very supported by her and feel very excited that I am finally getting the clarity I had been searching for. I am always looking toward my sessions with Karthika!

Ximena D.

Navigate Challenging Topics

Working with Karthika has been enlightening and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. She is wise, insightful, and completely respectful of my journey. She is masterful at creating a safe container for our sessions and I always feel supported as I navigate challenging topics. If you are ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey, I highly recommend signing up for one of Karthika’s packages!

Beth P.

Grow and Heal

Karthika guides me with gentility, curiosity, and love, and asked the hard questions that allowed me to dive in fully and deeply. She has a compassionate presence and holds space with confident grace. The truths that have emerged from her guidance have helped me to grow, to heal, and more fully step into my authentic Self, therefore enabling me to be more fully in my power. I am so thankful for my time with her.

Eluña A.

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