Our days tend to get away from us. From the moment we rise, our mornings can grab hold, tunneling fast like a locomotive. And before we know it, the sun bids us adieu and we welcome the night skies all over again. So, when our head finally lays down to rest, we feel lost, tired, and scattered. But then, boom! It’s the morning all over again, and we hear the low rumbling of that locomotive. Our hyperactive mind wants to gain control as the reality of our daily responsibilities looms ahead. Only today – today you want change. Today, you want easy and productive morning routine ideas to nourish your soul.

Woman writing in a journal sitting on a bed

Yearning for Change

So, what’s different?

Maybe you’re tired or had enough. Perhaps you crave something deeper and want to gain back some semblance of control. You could do this by carving out a little extra time to be mindful of your inner world by asking yourself, “Hey, how are you doing this morning? What do you need today so you can be the best version of yourself?” These questions can be just the spark you need to create a positive foundation for the rest of your day because it allows you to go within. Instead of becoming a creature of mindless and unproductive habits, you can practice the first act of self-love you do in the day by simply checking in with how you are feeling that morning. Be more intentional with your time, your thoughts and your behaviour. It all starts at the core and our attitude is merely a reflection of the beauty we feel inside.

Redefine What “Productive” Means to You

My self-esteem is rooted in a purpose; in service. It fuels my motivation to carry on. But I can quickly become unproductive if I don’t take care of myself. So, I altered my perception; I changed my relationship with the word “productive” and asked myself, “What if I was productive for myself? What does that look like?” Because let’s face it, if we can’t properly and truthfully take care of ourselves, we certainly can’t be there for anyone else.

Discover Self-Care

Personally, if I don’t knock out the list below before 8 am, my day is thrown a little. My equilibrium relies heavily on my morning routine and I take it quite seriously. But everyone is different. The tips below may not work for you or be what you need. So again, ask yourself, “How are you doing this morning? What do you need today so you can be the best version of yourself?”. Remember, start your morning right with whatever it is that you need to feel whole. This is the best act of self-love and brings you one step closer to spreading more of that energy around. Mix it up and have fun!

Glass picture filled with water and slices of lemon

10 Easy and Productive Morning Routine Ideas

1. Meditate, Meditate and Meditate!

I wrote about the importance of meditation before and will continue to do so, always. It really is the key medicine to help all of us get back to the present moment and become open to the wonders of life. It’s the doorway to patience, peace, self-love and so much more. So, unlock what you carry around inside and unleash the power within. Start your morning right and tune into the silence. Check out the post, 6 Meditation Tips for Beginners: How to Setup Your Daily Routine, and begin your meditation journey today!

2. Drink a Cup of Hot Water with Lemon

A natural probiotic, a cup of hot or warm water with freshly squeezed lemon can balance out the PH levels in your stomach and acts as a natural reset button each morning. Lemons hold a plethora of health benefits like vitamin C, they freshen your breath, and a hot cup in the morning forces you to slow down, sit back and reflect on your day ahead.

3. Journal Every Morning

The morning is a lovely time for reflection. Why not deepen your introspection by writing down your thoughts, feelings, any intentions you have for the day, or simply a brain dump? Let it all flow out, free from judgment and edits. This is your space to flush out ideas or discover deeply what’s been calling for some extra love. Observe and bring forth an insightful examination, and then write away.

4. Write a Quick and Simple Gratitude List

Perhaps you don’t have time to journal a full entry or hey, maybe you have time for both. A simple gratitude list in the morning, jotting down three to five aspects of your life that you are thankful for has been proven to have a dramatic shift on your perspective. It can propel you into a more positive state. This quick and easy exercise is so powerful and helps you live in gratitude for what you have instead of what you think is missing.

5. Get up and Move

Your body is a machine and you need to keep it moving as much as you can. Wake up into some light stretches on your bed or how about a yoga practice to ground the day? Why not go for a run to wake the heart up? A morning walk is extra special to spend time outdoors, breathe in the fresh air and say hello to nature.

6. Make Your Bed

You might be thinking, “Really?” and I’m here to say, “Yes!” Make your bed! This habit is so underrated. It’s a ritual that can have a surprisingly uplifting effect on your present state. After all, this is the kingdom you lay to rest every night and it is the chamber that awakens your dreams. Show yourself and your bed some respect by tidying up after a night’s rest. A little personal secret of mine, I even make my bed at hotels! Shh!

7. Eat like Royalty

In Ayurveda medicine, the ancient practice requires you to eat your first meal like a king, or queen. A breakfast for champions. Now that doesn’t mean chowing down on pancakes and waffles every morning. The more natural and organic you feed your body, the better it moves, thinks, and performs. Load up on fresh fruits, and healthy fats, or create a delicious bowl of oats. If you’re running low on time, a morning smoothie is your friend on the go.

8. Stay in Silence

What I love about the mornings is the silence. The calm and stillness in the air. I’m able to think and hear myself with such clarity. It makes my meditation practice in the morning that much easier to get back to Self. This ease to the day can have a lasting impression on how everything else unfolds. The more we cultivate this time and relationship with silence, the stronger we become at holding that energy throughout the day.

9. Plan out Your Day

This may sound boring or too rigid but hear me out. Each day can be whatever you want. If there’s a boring weekday routine you dread, what can you plan to make it more fun? If you have a packed weekend ahead, how can you incorporate some quiet time or relaxation? This is all about being more mindful, creative, resourceful, and strategic with our time. Activate your will and take back the controls of your life.

10. Wake Up Earlier

If you’re a busy parent that just can’t find time for yourself, I hate to tell you, but you may have to get up earlier than the rest of your family. Sounds brutal, I know. But if you need more “me time” and require self-care, then this is important, and being creative with your time might be the answer. And hey, remember everyone is different. Maybe instead of that chirpy early bird, you’re more of a wise night owl. Whatever works for you. Find that pocket of time when everyone is asleep and make it yours!


I hope these ideas inspire you to make the most out of the time that is given to us. Or maybe it sparks your imagination to craft a custom morning routine catered to your own needs and schedule. You do you, as long as you’re nourishing your soul with the food it needs to thrive.

Until next time, you Wildsoul – keep blooming!