I never fit in growing up. The outsider seemed to be a role I was destined to play in life. As a child, I felt lost most days as if I was beamed down from another planet, and it’s because of this perception that I also believed something was wrong with me. That perhaps it meant, deep down, I was unlovable.

Being a highly sensitive child, my sensitivity was on hyperdrive. The emotions I felt were overwhelming. I felt naked and exposed to the negative energies in my orbit with no outlet for release. There was no safe space to share what I was feeling and no haven where I could feel free to be me. Certainly, being ostracized by the people around me didn’t help matters. I was constantly bullied and told I was too sensitive, too weak, too quiet – too much. This surged my belief that I didn’t belong. That I was weird; that I was different.

My Story

I envied how people danced through life with such ease. They spoke a language I could never quite understand which left me feeling more isolated; more alone. This belief later fueled my desire to find peace; to find my little corner of the world where I could be free.

Years passed and I blinked into a new age. The world around me felt more manufactured and energized. The brightness of the lights only darkened the stars above which shadowed my surroundings. I wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the city I lived in, but it proved too difficult to maneuver. And the desire to break free from the physical machinations of my life weighed heavily on my soul. In truth, I just wanted to run and hide.

Until finally, I was shown a different way. A fresh perspective whirled through me at an unnatural velocity, and I entered a new plane of existence. My father’s tragic death forced me into a spiritual awakening that painted a magical world for me to walk in. It’s here where I finally felt the peace and freedom I searched for my whole life. I felt connected to my soul for the first time in my life, and it’s through this discovery I appreciated the gifts of being an HSP.

But I also had one foot planted in reality, and although this new magical world allowed me to see a fresh perspective, my physical form still dealt with the constant alienation I felt being an HSP on Earth. So, I knew to gain back control over my life I needed to develop survival skills; ways to hone and protect my gifts. Like Batman, I needed my very own utility belt, with tools to help me live in a society that was stimulated externally.

This is when I turned to spirituality and committed to a spiritual practice to learn how to control the aspects of being an HSP that try to overpower my senses. Through meditation, mindfulness, detachment, and understanding presence I healed and cultivated a relationship with myself consisting of self-respect and unconditional self-love. If you’re in need of assistance with being an HSP or simply need more tools to add to your own utility belt, try turning to spirituality and developing your own spiritual practice. This can be your path towards peace and freedom.

I hope these tips provide the encouragement you need to commit to yourself and finally deepen into your soul. And please remember, even though you may feel different than the people around you, home and safety is always available when you look within.

woman sitting on grass with back turned from viewer

9 HSP Survival Skills I Learned by Deepening into a Spiritual Practice

1. Carve Our Time to Recharge

HSPs tend to give themselves fully and completely to everyone and everything. This can be extremely draining which is why it’s vital to carve out time for yourself. But living in the digital age might make it more challenging to find pockets of solace; a refuge away from all the noise and chatter. Challenging but not impossible! Your time to recharge is necessary so make sure you create space to be alone with yourself and maybe listen to your favourite playlist or use the time to catch up on comforting tv shows or films. Feeling cozy and curling up with a great book never fails, or why not dive into a new creative project? This is your time – have fun!

2. It’s Ok to Say “No”

Social media has increased the pressures to socialize for many of us, even when we really don’t want to. Sometimes if we aren’t mindful, our dance card stays filled way longer than it needs to. But you don’t have to say yes to every social event that comes your way. You can decline that dinner or birthday party invite. Learn to say “no” and be ok with the consequences. Your loved one will understand, and if they don’t, then that’s not your concern. You don’t owe anyone anything. Bring your valued attention back into your inner world. This is your life and as far as we know, we only get one so make the most of it. Choose you.

3. Find the Right Activities You Enjoy

Being an HSP doesn’t mean you have to hide out at home all the time. Get a little creative and see what’s available locally for you to discover. This is a perfect opportunity to cultivate self-love by setting regular dates with yourself to get to know the real you inside, away from everyone else. Why not bring a book to a park or go for a nice walk; watching a film at the theatre is always one of my personal favourites or an afternoon at an art gallery can’t disappoint. How about you treat yourself to lunch at your favourite restaurant or you can take up a new hobby to meet other HSPs also looking for deep conversations. Find what works for you.

4. Develop Mindfulness

Begin to see your traits as gifts that you can hone into skill sets. By fostering a relationship with the present moment and strengthening the ability to stay mindful of your inner and outer world, you can then gain control over your emotions as well as the external stimuli you attract. Use meditation to train yourself to focus on the now, to deepen inward, and soften outside distractors. This will act as a defense for when you become overwhelmed by someone else’s emotions and are unable to center yourself on a present task.

5. A Positive Office Environment is Crucial

The job you’re in, but most importantly, its environment can play a huge role in your peace of mind and the care of your soul. This is a space where we spend a great amount of time and if it is negatively impacting your health, you need to find another solution. You may think you’re unable to quit because of your responsibilities but find strategic solutions so you can also manage the finances in your life while also protecting yourself from further harm. Your health and mental health should always come first because you can’t be your best self to the people you love if you are suffering inside due to your job. Find a solution that works for your life.

6. Take Care of Your Own Needs First

As an HSP, you probably have a huge heart and feel deeply when others are in pain. HSPs are compassionate people with valuable insights and hold the ability to heal those around them. But if you want to be helpful to others, which is admirable, make sure you are also looking at your own needs by checking in with yourself. A consistent meditation practice can help you become more in tune with your inner world, foster self-love, and deepen your soul to hear its guidance and wisdom.

7. Learn Buddhist Detachment

When you discover that peace comes from a place deep within, a protective shield is formed around you. This doesn’t mean you stop caring but you can’t save everyone. Their feelings, emotions, and mood have nothing to do with who they are. Practice detachment or non-attachment by focusing only on the present moment and letting go of any future expectations, past hang-ups, or someone’s opinion.

8. Pay Attention to the Energy Around You

Learn to become a hound dog for detecting energy that doesn’t serve you. Remember, you move at a different frequency than most people, and some energy won’t align with yours. Find other souls that operate at an equal vibration to your own and align yourself with their energy. Meditation can hone your skill to sense the energies that are connected to your soul. Be present to this experience and to each moment because you are already wired to pick up on those vibrations – use this to your advantage. If someone or any environment does not match your soul, give yourself permission to walk away.

9. Understand Your True Self, Your Soul

When you understand your true Self, your authentic Self, and your soul, you can ease through all other steps with ease. You will say “no” with conviction and sense low energy faster. You will know the beauty that is in you and feel the comfort to walk each day with confidence. You will see the gift in being an HSP because it brings you closer to feeling all the wisdom, creativity, and resourcefulness in your soul.


Being a highly sensitive person, one who is also spiritually awakened is not a death sentence. And by deepening into your soul and committing to a spiritual practice you can learn to use your HSP traits to your advantage. Discover practical tools and ancient spiritual teachings to help you hone your cosmic gifts. You can gain back control over your life by dedicating time to meditation and mindfulness. And when you utilize your innate traits into positive and beautiful skill sets, it will feel like belonging like no other because you have found alignment within your soul. In fact, it’s like receiving your very own letter in the mail through owl post, inviting you to Hogwarts. Embrace your natural ability and see the magic flow.

Until next time, you Wildsoul – keep blooming!