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Hey wildsoul, lets create a safe haven, together

I’m K.R. Bala, writer, artist & founder of Wildsoul Bloom, a community for those of us with tender hearts and sensitive souls. In a world that is heavily saturated with surface-level conversations and interactions, I intend for Wildsoul Bloom to be a place where we can breathe and be ourselves. Subscribe and stay connected to weekly blog posts, poetry, and inspirational quotes.

And on top of being a haven for authentic stories and content, you can also seek guidance because I’m also a Certified Spiritual Coach, and a Certified Vipassana Meditation teacher.

Whether you choose the Wildsoul Bloom 12-Week Spiritual Fitness course or more free-flowing custom coaching sessions, build awareness, create new thought patterns and learn to regulate your emotions through a system of healing, integration and deepening into your soul. Learn to live your life with more mental and spiritual freedom.

Begin your journey, today!

Some of my faves

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I love travelling


I'm an introvert, empath & HSP


I´m obsessed with Star Wars


My guilty pleasure is re-reading Harry Potter


My favourite food is pizza


I can´t live without a morning smoothie


See what plan is the best for you

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1:1 Custom Coaching

Free-flowing sessions tailored around your needs, goals and areas of focus. Gain deeper truths and insights to heal old wounds and create new habits.

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Spiritual Fitness

A structured program focused on a sustained approach towards spiritual and mental freedom. Heal, integrate and deepen into your soul.

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Meditation Sessions

Focused on Vipassana Meditation, learn new techniques with guided sessions that strengthens your practice and deepens your presence.


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