A huge focus and attention are put on physical health and workouts in most societies. An enormous amount of information is available about diets, workout routines, trainers, and gym locations. And most recently, we are finally getting much-needed conversations about mental health and spreading awareness on that topic. But I always felt there was an important piece missing…

What about our souls?

Unfortunately, this part of us – our soul – usually goes unattended and forgotten, but did you know your soul needs the same amount of work and commitment you give your body and mind? Like workout routines and famous diets for your body, Spiritual Fitness is a workout and diet for your soul.

Read on to discover more about Spiritual Fitness.

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Why are the Soul and our Inner World Important?

Our souls hold great wisdom, creativity, resourcefulness, peace, freedom, and most importantly, it’s here where our ability to feel unconditional love and self-love lives. It’s our purest foundation and we can unlock this power to keep the many aspects of our lives thriving. It’s our soul that is our most authentic self and it is our soul that can teach us how to accept change, avoid suffering and find our bliss.

When we begin to understand our deepest truths and fears, and heal through love and patience, we forge a relationship with our soul that is impenetrable. And it’s necessary to establish a healthy bond with yourself first so you can set a standard for how you want to be treated by people, how you then treat the people you meet, and how you show up for this great planet and all its living beings. But it starts first with you. It starts with you deepening into your soul to truly understand and love yourself.

Workout and Diet for Your Soul

We are conditioned to understand the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise, but as I already wrote, I always felt a key component was left out of the equation. To instill the importance of consistency when coaching, I found the best way to break through to clients was to compare self-improvement and spirituality to a workout routine or diet plan. To access the power found in your soul, you need to first view the soul as a muscle and a living entity that needs to be fed. And just like any other part of our physical body, the soul requires daily exercise and nutrients to grow strong and to operate at its most optimal.

Now, with Spiritual fitness, the soul and the spiritual aspect of our lives will not be forgotten. Together with a balanced diet and active lifestyle, we can develop a mind, body, and soul connection that is unbreakable. And similar to establishing a healthy relationship with food and exercise, at first, Spiritual Fitness may not come easy. It’s consistent work, and only then do we see progress. And even after we feel the strength of Spiritual Fitness, it’s not over. It’s never over. If you want to keep your six-pack abs or maintain a healthy body, it’s the same for your soul, you need to continue the work.

How Did Spiritual Fitness Come to Be?

A Guide

When I first developed Spiritual Fitness, l was oblivious to its formation. In a desperate state to create some semblance of peace in my life, I unknowingly designed a guide to keep myself on track. During a period of trial and error, I practiced anything I could to quiet my mind. I created “to-do lists” and scrambled together a checklist to keep track of what matched well with my negative thoughts, broken heart, and troubled soul. This amalgamation of practices, philosophies, and inner work was the rough basis for Spiritual Fitness.

A Lifestyle

Over the years, I slowly refined the guide, again, unaware of what larger system I was creating. My only immediate goal was to adapt my life to one that was quiet and peaceful. This meant I needed to tame the unruly thoughts that plagued my days, and nights. Eventually, the guide I was living by did transform my days, and ultimately my life. It shaped my thoughts and altered my behaviour, and not long after, my life took the shape of something new, something I never thought I’d see or live through.

The guide integrated into my life, weaving a web around me. Every part of me was slowly changing for the better. And don’t be mistaken, there were still hard days, filled with difficulties but now my new lifestyle aided me to safety. The guide is infused into every crevice of my body, mind and soul, and it now shields me from further harm.

A System

I believe it’s a natural process to want to share with others when we find something that has helped us so profoundly, and that’s when Spiritual Fitness evolved from a guide to a lifestyle and then eventually, to a system. In truth, it is still a guide, and it is always a lifestyle. But it transformed into so much more. I live it every day and I know the power it has to improve lives. I have intimate knowledge of each component and their relationship to one another; their reliance on each other to keep the system connected and afloat. Each is a crucial cog in the greater machine and it’s at its zenith when they are practiced in conjunction with the other.

And the components within the system are not brilliant discoveries of my own. I hobbled together ancient practices, modern methods, tools, and philosophies in one structured, organized system. In the end, this is a system that is manageable, sustainable, and a familiar program archetype.

The Components

Here are the 7 components that make up Spiritual Fitness:

1. Energy & Body Alignment

The physical aspects of your life need to be in alignment for you to hear the wisdom of the soul. Find energetic harmony in your relationships and environment by exercising discernment for when to walk away from negative energy. Foster a healthy mind through therapy and continuous learning, and keep the body active and healthy with a balanced diet and daily movement.

2. Philosophies

The Buddhist philosophy of detachment means letting go of any expectation of an outcome which then allows for a more immersive experience with everything you do. This will deepen your understanding of presence and the power it has to bring more peace and freedom into your life. Focus, be mindful, and bring awareness to the reality of the present moment.

3. Daily Spiritual Practices

A daily meditation practice will help you deepen into detachment, presence, and your soul. You will develop mindfulness and unlock the innate wisdom you hold deep within. Train your mind to be aware when you are consumed by spiraling thoughts, and look forward to a more quiet and focused mind. Journal after each session to discover insights into your thoughts/emotions to keep healing old wounds and live more in the present.

4. Continuous Healing

Our nervous system and mind keep hold of all our past heartbreak and pain. When we bring gentle attention to our old wounds we release a layer of trauma. These emotions are often buried deep below and can have a negative and damaging impact on our physical and mental health. Begin to forgive yourself and your past with no shame and remember to show yourself kindness during this process.

5. Personality Integration

Parts of our personality act as a barrier to our souls. Through healing, we slowly form new personality defaults, to integrate and utilize the remaining strengths to form a superpower.

6. Soul Nourishments

Creativity is the window into your soul and a gateway for your soul to shine through. Create every day or bring more creativity to your routine to spark fun and imagination. Enjoy the process and let go! Nourish the soul by spending time outdoors. Deepen into your practice by hearing the healing sounds only found in nature. Replenish the soul muscle through fresh air and trees.

7. Inner self

Unconditional self-love is the key component of Spiritual Fitness. Heal, and spend time alone to understand your soul. Deepen into your spiritual practice to find mental freedom and a path towards sustained inner peace. How you view yourself sets the tone for all other relationships. Be kind with your thoughts and emotions towards yourself and others as this has a positive impact on our planet.

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Join the 12-Week Spiritual Fitness Course

The Wildsoul Bloom Spiritual Fitness course focuses on a layered approach towards sustaining a loving and lasting relationship with your soul by integrating your personality into the process. Each week’s lesson gently guides you towards spiritual and mental freedom through three carefully designed stages: Heal, Integrate and Deepen. By combining Hindu philosophies, and Buddhist psychologies along with Psychosynthesis coaching, you will gain practical mindfulness knowledge, tools, and habits to foster a healthier and more peaceful lifestyle.

I believe in transparency so it’s important for me to write about how difficult this journey can be. It’s work and hard work. It’s painful and lonely at times. All this is true and something you may face at different degrees more than others. But this path is also the most rewarding path. It’s a path towards peace. A path towards freedom from your thoughts and expectations from others. And Spiritual Fitness is designed to make your journey less confusing and more organized. It’s a system that brings more balance to your life, connecting all layers of your being.

Consistency is key to maintenance and success, so a daily routine of mindfulness exercises will be provided to practice throughout and beyond the completion of the course. By the end of the program, students will feel more empowered and confident in their ability to break free from negative thought patterns and personality defaults so they can live a life with more clarity, freedom, and unconditional self-love.

This is the path to less suffering. A path towards a more authentic and peaceful you.

What You’ll Learn

  1. How to get out of your own way
  2. Discover the interconnectedness of the universe
  3. Understand the joys of being alone
  4. An organized process to experience and maintain a liberated mental state
  5. How to live a life free from past wounds, old thought patterns and programming
  6. Become aware of your thoughts and feelings as they arise instead of reacting to them
  7. The tools to get yourself out of anxiety vortexes and ruminating thoughts 
  8. Mindfulness practices to apply in everyday life and situations
  9. A daily mindfulness routine to maintain new habits and practices
  10. The understanding of the unreliability of one’s thoughts and the direct impact it has on how
    we feel
  11. A pathway and system to practice daily to achieve an inner silence
  12. To fall in love with the process and not focus on the result
  13. Self-discipline and inner strength
  14. A Spiritual Fitness Guide to help you stay on track

The Three-Stage System to Spiritual Fitness

1. Heal:

Our childhood and adolescent years hold a tremendous amount of pain and trauma that actually act as a barrier to our souls. Add in family and societal constructs, which programmed us at an early age to adhere to a specific doctrine. These wounds, expectations, and archaic ideals add layers to our personalities that require deep healing, awareness, and love to remove.

In this module, you will begin the healing process by uncovering your past experiences. Learn new insights into the needs, wants, and desires of your inner child and adolescent self

2. Integrate

For most people, their personality is their main identifier. It holds all their titles, labels, and accolades. And as previously mentioned, it also holds behaviour, habits, and thought patterns. But we know there is more, don’t we? We know there is our soul. Our true Self. In order to gain access to the wisdom, confidence, love, and creativity from our soul we actually need to integrate our personality into the process. We do this by healing the wounded layers of our personality and then creating new and ideal personality defaults. 

In this module, you will explore personality blockages and how they impact your day-to-day. Discover your new and ideal personality defaults to begin the integration process.

3. Deepen

Allow all the healing and integration to open yourself up to the strength and power found within. Unlock the creativity, wisdom, and love of your soul. Release and surrender to the unknown. Trust the universe to guide you and keep you safe. And I promise, what you’ll find is yourself, waiting with arms wide open.

In this module, you will discover and reconnect with your soul. You will learn helpful ancient philosophies and psychologies to deepen into a universal truth and create a profound perspective shift.

Closing Thoughts

It takes a tremendous amount of courage and self-love to dedicate the energy and time to self-improvement. No matter you’re goal or motivation, the decision to want to heal your wounds and work on your inner self is scary. For most of us, our pain becomes comfortable and convenient. 

Let me be real with you, the path to spiritual and mental freedom won’t be easy. In fact, it’ll be difficult, slow, and sporadic. But if you commit and are consistent with the work, I promise, it will change you. It will bring out the best version of you. A version that is mindful, aware, consistent, and calm with less worry, stress, and anxiety. If you choose yourself, watch to see the power you unlock to heal, integrate and deepen.

Until next time, you Wildsoul – keep blooming!