A storm alive and brewing inside
Waiting in silence to ignite
A kettle in perpetual simmer
Desperate to pour the perfect cup of tea

Seeing red and tasting blood
A slow kill each time
Dreaming of a land completely foreign to the current field
I walked in
And so, the wait for the day to finally exhale

Often, these eyes shut on their own
And through them the reveal of a light emitting blinding radiance
A warm and inviting glow
Only this light was never meant for me
It dimmed until darkness remained
And emptiness soon engulfed the skies
The weight of the pain to keep the air warm

Mirrors soon betrayed me
Everyone looking through the same piece of glass
Hearts became tattered and old
Broken down and beaten

But one day it was different
The light did not leave
Through the mist, an inner world slowly began to reveal itself
And it’s here, time began to deepen

The sky quickly filled with glorious balls of energy
Growing, changing, and feeding
Bouncing, repelling, and attracting through the cosmos
Beautiful spheres of chaos
Big orbs of colour all around
Floating between the planes
Each with its own language, a wisdom to behold

I penetrated through and heard the music in those words
Holding tightly to the hues
To paint the life waiting inside
A dreamscape of my very own

The path of sorrow closing in
And a new road ahead
With the storm finally drying the lands
The weight of the water was no more
A new world opened to me
New yet familiar
The one I carried within all along
Tethered to me, always and forever