I go deeper
And open the doors to my imagination
For it’s here I feel at peace
I bathe in the golden light
Breathe in each moment’s air
“Where will you take me?”, I ask the White Rabbit
Do I need my shoes and coat?
How about an umbrella for when it rains?
Oh, adventure is what lies ahead
And I travel beyond the hills I know
Into the wonder, I start closing in
Enchantment, as far as I can see
Just a little further, an echo gently whispers
And the snow of his tale fades until no more
Deeper and deeper
I go, I go
Submerged in radiance
A spectrum hides beneath
Come out and play, I plead with glee
Here in the magic
Let us create an endless sky
A canvas to paint the stars
Do you see the world emerging now?
Deeper and deeper
I go, I go